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What is GuideAll Shopping?

GuideAll Shopping connects you with dozens of the best merchants: Retail stores, name-brand catalog companies and small boutiques. You can browse or search for the items you need from different GuideAll Shopping merchants selling the same item. Once you have found what you are looking for and are ready to buy, you make your purchases, safely and securely

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How do I find the item I want to order?

At this time you can browse through the GuideAll Shopping categories to find items that interest you. The search facility in going to start working very soon.

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From whom am I buying these items?

GuideAll Shopping offers an easy way to shop and buy from different stores, but when you make purchases through GuideAll Shopping, you are buying products directly from the merchants who are selling them, not from GuideAll.

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How do I contact the merchant for customer service?

When you make a purchase on GuideAll Shopping, you are placing an order directly with the merchant. Therefore, GuideAll does not have any specific information about your order. All questions about your order (including status, specifications, tax, shipping, payment methods, and cancellations or returns) should be directed to the merchant.

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How do I cancel an order?

GuideAll Shopping is an online service that helps you find products you want from a variety of merchants with online stores. All questions or requests about a specific order, including cancellations, status, specifications, tax, shipping, payment methods or returns, should be directed to the store(s) from which you have ordered. For information on how to contact the merchant you have ordered from, please view our section of how to contact customer service for each merchant.

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What will you do with my credit card number?

When you place an order using GuideAll Shopping, you are placing an order directly with the merchant. Therefore, there's no step of the processs in witch GuideAll store or file your credit card number.

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Will GuideAll Shopping merchants ship outside the U.S.?

Individual merchants have different policies as to whether or not they ship to addresses outside the United States. We recommend that you email the merchant directly to confirm that they will ship your order to the address and destination you desire. You'll find email address information on the merchant's info page

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